Everyone can support the Grenache Association, join us!

To join the Association Grenache in favour of a better understanding of Grenache and the promotion of quality wines (100% Grenache or Grenache-dominated blends), please see details in our leaflet :
English version
Version française
You want to join? Thank you! Simply follow the instructions below:
Send your details to marlene(at)grenachesymposium(dot)com: First name, last name, Winery or Company name, Activity, Address, Email, Phone number, website.

Choose your level of commitment:
Friend – individual: 20 euros/year
Friend – professional: 90 euros/year
Member: 200 euros/year
Benefactor member: 400 euros/year
Partner: 750 euros/year
Patron: 5000 euros and more

You will benefit special offers, invitations, information… Please see details in the membership form below.

You will receive an invoice from the Association.

Membership fees

Grenachelovers, which one would you get?

Tshirts #Grenache LRGrenache-glass

To support the Grenache Association, to show your love for this Great Grape, order your G-shirt, a set of 6 glasses.
G-shirt: 17 euros + shipment (100% cotton)
Glasses: 30 euros + shipment (box of 6)
Send an email to Marlene@grenachesymposium.com.