Grenache: Unsung Hero of the Wine World.

Baies de Grenache

Grenache, The Global grape

It’s the most widely planted red grape in the world and responsible for the velvety, voluptuous mouthfeel that people love in wine; but it rarely gets the credit it deserves because it’s often used in blends.

It’s time to change all that! 

Baies de Grenache lors des vendanges

The 3 Vs of Grenache

Versatile, Velvety, Voluptuous
Comes in all styles so can pair with anything: Makes red, white, rosé AND sweet wines.
The same wine can pair well with a variety of foods, from fish to red meat, spices, sauces…
Appropriate for all seasons and enjoyable in blends or as 100% Grenache.

Celebrating Grenache Day

International Grenache Day

Every third Friday of September
Everyone is invited to celebrate Grenache with us anywhere. Producers, Importers, Retailers, Restaurants and Enthusiasts are working together all over the world to pop some corks and spread the word.
Jolly good fun!

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